It is no longer enough in today’s fierce competitive environment for lawyers to deliver a quality work product. Competence is the cost of admission for most clients. 

Indeed, lawyers must possess and demonstrate savvy business development skills if they are serious about growing their practice.

That is one of the keystones of KLA Marketing Associates business development training program.

We develop and deliver totally customized business development (aka “sales”) skills training programs for all attorney skill levels (from new associates to senior partners) to effectively introduce new behaviors and ways of thinking which will ultimately lead to a broader client roster. The substance of our programs are built around the belief that developing a helpful spirit will enable lawyers to think more from the client’s perspective to wholly understand how to attract higher quality clients.possess and demonstrate savvy business development skills if they are serious about growing their practice. 

Customized training program topics are designed to educate lawyers who to incorporate positive business development behaviors into their practice, every day. This may include:

  • Business development skills
  • Professional and practice development skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Networking skills
  • Communication and relational skills
  • Time management/organizational skills
  • Work/life balance issues

Our experience shows that “one and done” workshops are ineffective in the long term as most lawyers return to their natural behavior without continual reinforcement of new positive behaviors. That is why we urge clients to take the next important step by continuing the momentum of the in-house training/coaching program and engage in “real time” coaching whereby they will enhance the learning experience of incorporating practical business development skills into their daily practice.

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