(lawyers, accountants, engineers, financial services, medical, etc.)

The professional services landscape has changed significantly since the Great Recession. No one’s position is secure without a profitable book of business. Yet, rarely are professionals taught how to build their client base. Enter Kimberly Rice. She knows professional services providers’ greatest business challenges and delivers power-packed experiential programming (from one-hour keynotes to multi-day retreats and strategic work sessions) to equip her audiences with real life, actionable tools, techniques and tips they can use right away to grow their business.

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If you don’t learn enough during the meeting time, Kimberly provides a host of multi-media resources (books, e-courses, videos, mentorship programs and one-on-one strategy sessions) to support all customized programs.

Guaranteed, you’ll walk away with transformative learning to be well on your way to greater prosperity.

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