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    Episode 13: Leadership in the Law with Mark Tarasiewicz

    While lawyers stay busy practicing law, there are many legal professionals behind the scenes who make the trains run on time, from legal administrators aptly running the business of the law firm, IT experts protecting firms’ and clients’ intellectual capital, the CFO and her team to maintain and advise on firms’ finances and so many more non-lawyer functions.

    In my discussion with Mark Tarasiewicz, former Executive Director of the Philadelphia Bar Association and now the Executive Director of Administration with Spector, Gadon & Rosen, I learned what a day in the life of a legal administrator looks like and Mark’s unique point of view of today’s law firm leaders’ greatest challenges.

    Episode 12: Content is KING with Adam Kosloff

    After graduating Yale University, Adam moved to Los Angeles to pursue a screenwriting career.

    While enjoying the opportunity to work with industry greats like Mel Brooks (Spaceballs: The Animated Series), Adam supplemented his income by writing for the web. What began as a “day job” blossomed into a full-scale business, and Adam soon fell in love with working with his clients to help their firms achieve their full potential.

    Enter, Virtuoso Content, Adam’s virtual business that creates high quality online marketing content to help attorneys and clients to showcase their firms and be more profitable.

    Adam joins us on another episode of Secret Sauce Marketing Tastings podcast to discuss the increasing need for content generation, mostly digital, in the 21st century. We discuss what makes a desirable client and Adam’s approach to collaboration for greater results.

    Episode 11: Social Media Imperative with Spencer Smith

    Social media has entered its second decade and boy, has it changed the way we do business as a result. National social media strategist Spencer Smith joins us on our Secret Sauce Marketing Tastings podcast to discuss the role and importance of embracing social media to build a prosperous business.

    Spence is founder of spencerXsmith.com and social media marketing company AmpliPhi, and an instructor at the University of Wisconsin and Rutgers University. He's been named a "Social Media Expert" by Forbes, and his company AmpliPhi is the winner of the 2016, 2017 and 2018 InBusiness Magazine Executive Choice Award for Social Media Consulting Company.

    Among Spence’s 2017 presentations, he addressed the New York Stock Exchange on social media best pracices. His debut book "ROTOMA: The ROI of Social Media Top of Mind" was featured in Forbes, and is an Amazon Bestseller.

    Listen in and learn best practices for social media marketing in the second decade of the 21st century.

    Episode 10: Health and Wellness with Damien Smith


    As founder and president of Force Fitness & Nutrition, Damien is an exercise specialist, nutrition consultant and qigong instructor who offers a comprehensive and evidenced-based approach to health, fitness and performance training needs.

    With nearly 20 years of field experience and 26 years of dedicated practical experience in health, fitness, and MBS (mind, body, spirit) cultivation, Damien has discovered one consistent fact that leads him to assert, "You Are Powerful"!

    With his unique background, skill sets and experience, Damien’s integrated services are an invaluable asset that create solutions for overall positive health, wellness and performance goals for his clients.

    The foundations of Damien’s business is derived from his desire to combine the principles and practices of strength/fitness training, sports medicine, nutrition and mental fitness techniques with the most effective methods of their application to provide clients with the utmost health and wellness experience.

    Damien partners with his clients to assess their overall health, identify areas of concern for improvement and designs customized programs, including building health, wellness and self-regulation habits and benefits from the inside out.

    Episode 9: Versatility of Video with Michael Kelberg

    Feat Michael Kelberg-2


    A SAG-AFTRA eligible actor, writer, director and producer, Michael Kelberg has developed a sizable resume in film, television, theatre, music video and so much more for over 20 years.

    Born and reared in Philadelphia and with a journalism degree from Temple University, Michael’s career took him to NYC where he studied at HB Studio and The Simon Studio. It is there that he embarked on quite a successful Off-Off Broadway career. Michael has gone on to work in every area of film, theatre, commercials, new media, music videos, to name a few.

    In addition to his acting/directing/producing career, Michael is also president of Blueye Video Productions, a video production services company that provides the full video experience, from concept, shoot and post/release. Michael’s experience on both sides of the camera keeps his pulse of the ever-changing industry and offers clients a unique perspective on how to best make their projects shine.

    Connect with Michael – kelberg@gmail.com, 856-685-7396, blueyeproductions.biz.

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