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KLA Marketing Associates Blog

    Episode 25: How Strategic is Your Content Marketing. It IS still king, you know

    In the age of content overload, National Law Review’s Eilene Spear offers listeners actionable steps they may take to develop thought leadership in front of desired targeted audiences via content marketing. Building a following is imperative to building a robust online reputation leading to client retention. Join us to learn more.


    Episode 24: Is Your Firm Culture Shifting to Meet Today’s Business Development Demands?

    As a coach’s coach, David Freeman meets firms where they are to create productive internal cultures that allow business development to thrive. In this podcast, listeners will learn how to develop short, medium, and long-term goals to build a prosperous business that is sustainable as well as personal metrics of success. Results are what we count, shouldn’t you? Join us to learn concrete steps to take today


    Episode 23: Gender Equality in the Workplace: How Male Allies Must Join the Conversation

    For those women whom have experienced the undermining, shaming workplace environment in male-dominated fields, our podcast with Julie Kratz is a refreshing discussion on the advancements that are underway by inviting supportive male allies to join the conversation of why there must be gender equality into the workplace, for everyone to thrive. 

    In this podcast, learn concrete steps that all may take to propel the conversation forward.

    Episode 22: Is business development catching up with technology solutions? A conversation with Dezurve's Chief Innovator Mike O'Horo

    Sales is an evergreen topic in every organization. Sales in professional services is always controversial. Today's Secret Sauce Marketing Tastings addresses how age-old training and coaching has gotten a face lift with new technologies that can provide contemporary solutions and separate the real aspirational rainmakers from those who pretend to be. Listen as Mike and I discuss the legal marketing evolution and how some of the greatest business development challenges are now being solved with intimate digital solutions, if you dare to "go there". 



    Episode 21: Lifting As We Climb: Helping Women Move Ahead with Pat Gillette, Esq.

    As a career-long employment lawyer and one of the country’s leading experts on
    gender diversity and equality in the workplace. Pat’s illustrious career has focused on
    solving the most critical business issues of Fortune 500 clients by strategizing and
    implementing paradigm shifts in company culture and management.

    During our electrifying discussion, Pat and I discussed the struggles and opportunities
    for law firms to bring gender and diversity equality to their business practices. Pat
    outlines two of her major professional accomplishments

    1. The Opt In Project

    2. The Mansfield Rule

    Fascinating and uplifting, focused on how women can create the career of their dreams. To learn more about Pat click here.

    Episode 20: Practicing Law While Female with Amber Racine

    As a lawyer who helps individuals and families who have suffered life-altering injuries as a result of someone else's negligence, Amber also mentors young lawyers and teenagers who are considering a career in the law.

    While Amber has been practicing law for a bit over a decade, she has immersed herself in public service and has, so far, built a formidable reputation not only as a fierce client advocate but also as a leader in the legal community.

    Our podcast episode centers on the topic “Practicing Law While Female” during which we discuss the challenges, triumphs and milestone there are still yet to be realize in the still male dominated legal services profession. 

    Amber and I had a fascinating, electrifying conversation. Please do listen to learn all about it. 

    Episode 19:  Wellness in the Workplace with Will Meyerhofer – The People’s Therapist

    Will transitioned his career as private practicing lawyer to a psychotherapist after working as an attorney for two years with a very large Manhattan-based law firm. When Will entered the law in the late 90’s, he had no idea what exactly he was getting himself into. He found quickly that his professional choice was not one that fit him nor his lifestyle.

    He is the author of “Way Worse than Being a Dentist: the Lawyer's Quest for Meaning.” He has also written a book introducing and elaborating upon the central concepts of psychotherapy, “Life is a Brief Opportunity for Joy”.

    Will writes regularly for Above the Law, and maintains a blog at www.thepeoplestherapist.com.

    In this episode of Secret Sauce Tastings Podcast, Will and I explore the sometimes tragic and toxic environment that law firms can be and how lawyers can protect themselves and their colleagues via wellness practices and programs.

    Episode 18: Legal Public Relations with Janet Falk


    With the explosion of social media, the role of public relations to enhance reputations has shifted from predominantly editor dependent to self promotion and self publishing. Given that reputation enhancing in a principle pillar to building and growing a prosperous service business, engaging in informed PR activities can be pivotal to attracting qualified clients and referral sources.

    In my discussion with PR pro Janet Falk, she discusses how clients may leverage PR to become the attorney reporters call for expert commentary. Moreover, Janet outlines tips on becoming reporters’ trusted sources. She wraps up our discussion by explaining how media relations and PR are two different disciplines, serving two critical functions. Join us to learn more. 

    Episode 17: De-Clutter Your Life for Business to Thrive with Barbara Berman

    Combining her experience in corporate process improvement and social work degree, Barbara is president of BB’s Clutter Solutions as a certified professional organizer. In the podcast, Barbara discusses how clutter and disorganization leads to lack of productivity and can steal coveted time from running and growing a prosperous business. She provides numerous actionable steps that listeners can take to rid themselves of productivity-busting habits. Barbara shares her approach that helps clients feel less stressed about making decisions and keeps them motivated to continue so that they can regain control over their lives.


    Episode 16: Why Storytelling Is So Compelling as a Marketing Tool with Rhonda Ulrich

    An attorney by training, Rhonda has held various roles in and around legal for over 20 years. Presently, she leads her consulting practice serving the professional services sector (real estate, construction and law) in go-to-market strategies in the marketing communications arena. 

    In this podcast, Rhonda and Kimberly discuss how storytelling can be an impactful marketing tool through which professional services providers communicate effectively and efficiently how they solve their clients’ problems and issues better than their competitors. Rhonda outlines how to incorporate storytelling by leveraging unique stories and experiences, not merely offering objective credentials such as case wins and professional accomplishments.

    A great insight into how professional services providers can easily differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace.