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    Episode 31: Creating Visibility On Steriods


    The internet has revolutionized public relations. Social media has increased exponentially the  channels used to engage with new audiences. Print media is slowly going the way of dinosaurs though still relevant in some instances. 

    Given the level playing field that the internet brought with it, everyone can be their own publicist, but should they? Technically, it is no necessary (though advised) to retain the services of PR professionals IF individuals can generate their own digital content and understand how to leverage it across multiple platforms. This is one of the points of discussion with today's guest Sharon Berman,  President of Berbay Marketing and PR. 

    Take a listen to gain helpful insight in the secrets of PR in the digital age. 



    Episode 30: Embrace Marketing Technology or Get Left Behind


    Never before has marketing technology driven innovation and change as quickly as it is happening today. As business owners and professionals, if we aren't learning and adapting, you can bet that your competitors are. That's our world in the digital age and we continue to zoom ahead, or, some of us do. In our conversation with Intapp's Christopher Raymond, we learn about how their one-stop technology solutions are revolutionizing the business of law...every CMO thanks them for developing and rolling out solutions that enables deep dive analysis for bottom line business growth. Join us to learn more and what is teaching his five-year-old daughter to do...it may surprise you. 


    Episode 29: Is your NET working? with Frank Agin


    Networking. Most people don't care for it. Even more people don't truly understand how to leverage their networking activities. Yet targeted networking is essential to building a prosperous service business. Fact. So, how do we reconcile all these points? Join national networking guru and networking company CEO Frank Agin and I to hear our perspectives on how business owners can strategize how and where to invest their networking time and prioritize where and with whom to meet. Highly enlightening episode for those who are focused on growing their robust network and committed to making it happen. 


    Episode 28: Are You a Dot Connector, a Super Connector or Just a Dot?


    With all the connectedness that most of us have via social media and digital marketing, relationship building has never been easier than it is today. In fact, it can be overwhelming unless you are law firm Adams & Reese’s Strategic Initiative Manager Jeff Manning, a super dot connector. Listen to our discussion on top-level tips for building and growing a “seed sowing and producing” network while enjoying the fruits of your labor. This is strategic business building stuff, right here. 


    Episode 27: Get Your Leadership On: How Women Can Fast Track Theirs to Greater Success

    With so much media attention on strong women rising in the #MeToo era and beyond, organizations are feeling the pressure to make a culture shift to retain their best female talent and promote them into leadership. Change is never easy and organizations need support to navigate unchartered waters. Join nationally renowned leadership and sales trainer Alexis Gladstone and I to learn ways you and your organization can make these imperative shifts for diversity and inclusion for all. 


    Episode 26: Is this REALLY a Good Use of Your Valuable Time?

    Clients today expect greater efficiency and high responsiveness from their service providers in addition to a superior work product. That's new territory for most services providers. How to manage it all, all at the same time? Join award-winning entrepreneur and CEO of OutsourceEasier’s Dina Eisenberg and I as we discuss how, in today’s gig economy, a mindset shift is required so that business owners (including those responsible for business generation) can retain the services and/or hire a dream team to run their business while enabling them to focus on what's important and creating the life/career of their dreams.


    Episode 25: How Strategic is Your Content Marketing. It IS still king, you know

    In the age of content overload, National Law Review’s Eilene Spear offers listeners actionable steps they may take to develop thought leadership in front of desired targeted audiences via content marketing. Building a following is imperative to building a robust online reputation leading to client retention. Join us to learn more.


    Episode 24: Is Your Firm Culture Shifting to Meet Today’s Business Development Demands?

    As a coach’s coach, David Freeman meets firms where they are to create productive internal cultures that allow business development to thrive. In this podcast, listeners will learn how to develop short, medium, and long-term goals to build a prosperous business that is sustainable as well as personal metrics of success. Results are what we count, shouldn’t you? Join us to learn concrete steps to take today


    Episode 23: Gender Equality in the Workplace: How Male Allies Must Join the Conversation

    For those women whom have experienced the undermining, shaming workplace environment in male-dominated fields, our podcast with Julie Kratz is a refreshing discussion on the advancements that are underway by inviting supportive male allies to join the conversation of why there must be gender equality into the workplace, for everyone to thrive. 

    In this podcast, learn concrete steps that all may take to propel the conversation forward.

    Episode 22: Is business development catching up with technology solutions? A conversation with Dezurve's Chief Innovator Mike O'Horo

    Sales is an evergreen topic in every organization. Sales in professional services is always controversial. Today's Secret Sauce Marketing Tastings addresses how age-old training and coaching has gotten a face lift with new technologies that can provide contemporary solutions and separate the real aspirational rainmakers from those who pretend to be. Listen as Mike and I discuss the legal marketing evolution and how some of the greatest business development challenges are now being solved with intimate digital solutions, if you dare to "go there". 




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