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    Fearless and Free

    There was a time when women feared they may be eaten by large animals or die of starvation - external dangers. Nowadays, women experience many fears that are more internally-focused:

    - fear of failure
    - fear of rejection
    - fear of not following “the rules”
    - fear of not “measuring up”

    In my coaching sessions with clients and during our Women Rainmaker Forum program, I work with many women who struggle to overcome some sort of fear in addition to whatever anxiety they already experience in connection with their careers.

    Dispel the Fears for Good

    Miraculously, we bring into our life the lessons we need to learn. Through each of these fears, there are likely life lessons hiding inside. Once learned, you may be empowered to ease your fears and your daily stress. When you take the steps to address your inner fears, you grow and become a stronger -- a fearless, strong woman capable of anything your heart desires.

    Charting a Different Course: A Woman Lawyer’s Checklist

    For all the chatter, studies, and disheartening stats we read on where Women in the Law rank in the legal services sector, I say “Phooey”. Yes, the numbers stink; yes, there are real barriers, discrimination, disappointing treatment from law firm leadership, but hey, we are women “with a capitol W” as the phrase goes.

    Different Faces of Follow Up

    Though follow up can take many different approaches, the overall non-negotiable component involves any action step which provokes the other party (existing client, prospect, etc.) to want to continue contact with you. You are focused on cultivating and nurturing relationships which will ultimately be mutually beneficial and add value.

    Extend Beyond Showing Up

    One of the interminable bumps lawyers experience in their efforts to cultivate new clients and business is in following up with their new contacts, growing network and even their best clients. We examine how to introduce and tweak a follow-up plan. Read on to see what I mean.

    Tips for How Women Lawyers Can Chart a Different Course - #3

    Along the way to charting your own course, below are critical habits to be implemented as you stay focused on growing a fulfilling and prosperous career.

    Tips for How Women Lawyers Can Chart a Different Course - #2

    Legal Marketing Executive Kimberly Rice Facilitates Defense Trial Counsel of Indiana (DTCI) Rainmaking Webinar

    National business development and marketing expert Kimberly Alford Rice recently presented “Top Habits of Successful Women Rainmakers” to the Defense Trial Counsel of Indiana Women in Law webinar to learn how to jump start their practice and strengthen client relationships.

    What Can We Learn from BabaWawa, as she signs off?

    As the legendary Barbara Walter appeared on her final episode of The View last week, I looked back at her amazing career as a journalist to learn

    Women in Law Recommended Reading List

    Knowledge is power and as women, we need to understand our power and how to use it for good, for ourselves and our sisters.

    Women in the Law Profession Roundtable Discussion - Risks and Rewards of Speaking Out, Not Fitting In

    Women in the Law Profession

    Roundtable Discussion - Moderated by Kimberly Rice

    Risks and Rewards of Speaking Out, Not Fitting In

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