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    Five Impactful Marketing Tips

    Here it is half way through the year and a lot of you who began 2017 committed to changing your marketing approach now realize "wow, nothing has changed."

    Below are five impactful marketing tips to help you become more strategic in this year’s marketing planning:

    The Strategic Planning Process

    When I work with law firms which profess to have strategic plans, I find it bewildering that they often are stored in the management teams’ computer or drawer, but rarely implemented. I scratch my head and ask why bother expending the energy and time to develop a course for the firm if there is no system created to implement the plan. What a colossal waste of everyone’s time and resources.

    The contrast of a profitable and barely surviving law firm can often be traced to how seriously its leadership commits themselves to the strategic planning process and how effectively they have defined the firm’s collective mission and business goals, its culture, value system and beliefs, and desire to grow in its marketplace.