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    Eight Essential Characteristics to a Solid Personal Brand

    In order for your personal brand to have real staying power, you must integrate the eight essential characteristics below. Having only one or two just will not cut it. Clarity without an emotional connection is flat. In other words, if you lack even one of these essentials, you risk the stability and longevity of your brand. Worse, you may alienate your target audiences and inadvertently drive business elsewhere. Below are the eight essentials:

    Define and Build Your Personal Brand

    In our inter-connected world, it is challenging to cut through the noisy message clutter that we receive, every day. Sometimes, the “noise” is just overwhelming. To be seen and get known (one of the three-pillars of all business development), you must cultivate a personal brand that is your “promise” of high value and consistent quality to your targeted audiences (read: clients and referral sources).