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    Proven Techniques to Effectively Communicate and Grow Your Business

    How Should you “Mine” your Network to Build a Prosperous Book of Business?

    Beach Chair Marketing: Two Winning Tactics

    Summer "fever" is in the air and after such a beautiful July 4th holiday weekend, I'm looking for reasons to find myself at one of Jersey's beaches as often as possible this season.

    7 Secrets of an Effective Marketing Plan

    It all Starts with the "Secret Sauce"

     As we have emphasized repeatedly, the foundation of KLA Marketing’s philosophy is that of our Secret Sauce: "The consistent, persistent, massive amounts of action over a prolonged period of time." A key factor in developing and delivering effective messages to your audience on an ongoing basis is to have a master marketing plan providing your team with an effective road map. As you implement your plan, monitoring its success is imperative, and revising that plan as needed is always necessary.

    Get real about growing your law firm: Six ways to market your firm

    In these competitive times, law firms, large and small, should develop and implement a solid marketing plan and budget as key to effective business growth. Large firms typically have something that looks like a budget but is often not aligned with a strategic firm marketing plan, even is such a thing exists.

    Do you want to develop a healthy client base, but are confused where to start?

    In addition to the mantra myth “do great work and the clients will come”, our experience working with attorneys from first-years to long-standing veterans, “I don’t have the time to market” presents itself as the primary reason for a lack of an individual’s on-going business development program.  Here are a couple of tactics to consider to initiate a BD program for yourself that will prove effective over time:

    Does your firm support growing a prosperous book of business?

    Actually, this subject should have been discussed during your interview process and certainly during your orientation after you joined the firm. However, if you question whether your firm does support your growing a book of business, ask yourself these questions:

    Are You Falling Down on Following Up?

    Relationship Building: Check Motivations

    Relationship Building: Staying in Touch

    Six Steps Lawyers Can Take to Develop Extraordinary Communication Skills