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KLA Marketing Associates Blog

    The Secret Sauce to a Prosperous Business

    Do you have the secret sauce to business success?

    Too often, clients complain about not having enough time to engage in meaningful business development activities. They are so busy servicing the clients they do have, that taking concrete steps to expand the existing client relationships that they enjoy and/or attract new clients, is beyond what they can envision for themselves.

    Believe me, I get it. Funny thing, we all have the same amount of time (168 hours per week). If you observe those whom you perceive as "crazy successful", I bet you'll notice some super efficient habits and disciplines they create for themselves:

    • Never eat alone - great way to cultivate relationships for new business
    • Take steps to be a "connector" - helping others to connect with others will reap benefits for you.
    • Calendar time every single day to connect with a client and/or high impact contact