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    Define and Build Your Personal Brand

    [fa icon="clock-o"] Sep 20, 2017 11:16:50 AM [fa icon="user"] Kimberly Rice [fa icon="folder-open'] legal marketing, Business Devlopment, personal brand

    In our inter-connected world, it is challenging to cut through the noisy message clutter that we receive, every day. Sometimes, the “noise” is just overwhelming. To be seen and get known (one of the three-pillars of all business development), you must cultivate a personal brand that is your “promise” of high value and consistent quality to your targeted audiences (read: clients and referral sources).

    define-and-build-your-personal-brand.jpgBuilding a personal brand reflects the essence of why someone should retain you and what she will receive when she does. 

    Boost your reputation-enhancing efforts now and grab the personal branding questionnaire to help you define and carve out your unique personal brand which will provide you with a competitive advantage.

    Thoughtfully jot down answers to the questions below, which will assist in articulating and clarifying your personal brand. The responses will authenticate your personal brand, how you assert your uniqueness.

    Personal Branding Questionnaire 

    1. How do I describe myself to others, professionally and personally?
    2. How do I think clients, prospects, and referral sources perceive me? (If you are not sure, ask them).
    3. What do I want clients, future clients, and referral sources to remember about me?
    4. Identify the primary service(s) you provide.
    5. Identify your core values. What is meaningful to you as a lawyer? In the services that you provide?
    6. Identify your passions. What do you love most about your work? Outside of your avocation?
    7. Identify your gifts and talents. What do you do better than most people? What skills do people regularly notice in you?
    8. From your list of talents and qualities, select the top five, the ones you do best and enjoy doing the most.
    9. Draft a statement that weaves the items from your lists into a statement of your area(s) of legal focus.
    10. Draft a short paragraph highlighting your value proposition and your top five key gifts, integrating your most important values, passions and skills.

    This is your personal brand. How does that feel to you? What does this say about you?  

    Contact us today to help you leverage your personal brand to generate new AND higher quality clients.

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    Kimberly Rice

    Written by Kimberly Rice

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