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    Kimberly Alford Rice

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    Position Yourself for Marketing Greatness

    Were you born to be a marketing rock star? When you were in law school, were you thinking “I can’t wait to market myself as a lawyer?”

    Get real about growing your law firm: Six ways to market your firm

    In these competitive times, law firms, large and small, should develop and implement a solid marketing plan and budget as key to effective business growth. Large firms typically have something that looks like a budget but is often not aligned with a strategic firm marketing plan, even is such a thing exists.

    How Sharp Are Your Sales Skills?

    As the legal services arena continues to experience turbulence from a host of challenges such as what to do about your summer associate program to non-performing equity partners, we consistently advise law firm clients on an area of non-ending concern: cultivating effective rainmakers of lawyers who have no sales background.

    Harness the Power of Professional Presence

    Transitioning from school – - college, law school, grad school, etc. can be a shocking and confusing time for a young professional.

    Active Listening Skills Wins Clients

    All too often we read studies which report clients’ pet peeve with their counsel not listening to them. Or, cited another way, clients frequently do not feel heard.

    Think Like a Client to Grow a Healthy Practice

    You won’t always be the low man on the totem pole. One day, you will have clients of your own, IF you really want to.

    Finding Your True Grit: Philadelphia, PA

    Do you want to develop greater career success by harnessing your hidden grit? If so, this is the program for you. In association with the ABA Commission on Women in the Profession’s “The Grit Project,” the ABA Women Rainmakers present a local program that allows you to explore this timely subject in a group setting with your peers. National business development and marketing expert Kimberly Alford Rice will be facilitating the program on May 13, 2015. Click here for more information.

    Anatomy of a Strong Business Development Skills Training Program (part 2)

    Reality-Based Situations and Applications

    Anatomy of a Strong Business Development Skills Training Program (part 1)

    Tailored Curriculum