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    Bob Gero

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    Five Keys to Building a Robust Referral Network

    We have found over many years assisting attorneys with growing their client base and developing new business that one area too often overlooked is their referral network.  The tendency for most after receiving a referral is merely to say thank you to the source of the referral, attend to servicing the new client and then move on to the next assignment. That’s what we call a “one and done” mentality, and not an effective strategy in one’s business development toolbox.


    How to Minimize Client Dissonance

    There can be no question among service providers that a happy client is not only the best kind of client, but also the only kind of client one wants on the client roster. Satisfied clients generate a steady stream of engagement most often resulting in drawing your best efforts, which brings higher revenue and income for all parties. However, inevitably a project or two may not run as smoothly as your client or you might anticipate or prefer, which can potentially “blow-up” the client relationship, and before the misunderstanding is resolved, the unhappy client starts looking for another service provider. Then “BOOM”, the client terminates the relationship!

    KLA Marketing Associates Leads NJSBA CLE Seminar

    Kimberly Rice, president/chief strategist and Bob Gero, senior client manager/PR director, of KLA Marketing Associates recently led the New Jersey State Bar Association’s CLE seminar "Communicating with Precision and Clarity: What Every Lawyer Must Know". The program was held at the Wiltshire Grand in West Orange, NJ.

    7 Secrets of an Effective Marketing Plan

    It all Starts with the "Secret Sauce"

     As we have emphasized repeatedly, the foundation of KLA Marketing’s philosophy is that of our Secret Sauce: "The consistent, persistent, massive amounts of action over a prolonged period of time." A key factor in developing and delivering effective messages to your audience on an ongoing basis is to have a master marketing plan providing your team with an effective road map. As you implement your plan, monitoring its success is imperative, and revising that plan as needed is always necessary.