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    7 Secrets of an Effective Marketing Plan

    [fa icon="clock-o"] Jul 21, 2016 3:24:47 PM [fa icon="user"] Bob Gero [fa icon="folder-open'] Law Firm Marketing, Marketing Tips, legal marketing, marketing plan


    It all Starts with the "Secret Sauce"

     As we have emphasized repeatedly, the foundation of KLA Marketing’s philosophy is that of our Secret Sauce: "The consistent, persistent, massive amounts of action over a prolonged period of time." A key factor in developing and delivering effective messages to your audience on an ongoing basis is to have a master marketing plan providing your team with an effective road map. As you implement your plan, monitoring its success is imperative, and revising that plan as needed is always necessary.

    How to Create a Marketing Plan

    At first, creating a marketing plan can seem daunting. However, utilizing these 7 important tips will assure the development of an action plan that will help maximize your marketing initiatives and reap success:

    1. Know the characteristics of your target audiences, i.e., the nature of their businesses, the decision makers, your targets’ competition, their geographic marketplace, and most important their expectations of the marketing effort.
    2. Know the strengths and weaknesses of your staff including the personalities, business acumen, compatibility and work ethic, and assign each tasks that will assure success.
    3. Clearly state and define the action steps and attach the expected goal of each.
    4. Clearly describe how the effectiveness of each action will be determined, review those activities on a regular basis, and make any necessary revisions as you go along.
    5. Assign tasks with specific responsibilities and deadlines, make sure all team members are informed and acknowledge the schedule and assignments, and appoint a project manager assuring the plan is executed with competence.
    6. Build-in flexibility to the plan allowing for adjustments as execution of the plan evolves. Remember we don’t want surprises, just positive results.
    7. Plan project reviews involving the entire team assuring that all contingencies have been acknowledged and implemented, and adjustments are agreed upon and put into place.

    In conclusion, a detailed and targeted marketing plan is tantamount to effective implementation and rewarding results. We at KLA Marketing have more than a half century experience in creating and implementing marketing programs that work. Contact us and we will share more of our Secret Sauce.

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    Bob Gero

    Written by Bob Gero