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KLA Marketing Associates Services

Integrated Marketing
Strategic Business Development and Marketing Planning for Lawyers
Professional Skills Training and Coaching
professional skills training and coaching for lawyers
Women in Law Business Development Training
Digital and Social Media
social media marketing for lawyers
keynotes and retreats Kimberly Rice

KLA Marketing Associates Services


Educating and empowering audiences, one person at a time. That’s what Kimberly Rice does as a nationally-renowned speaker and author.

Book her as your next keynote, speaker, or trainer and she will energize your team to become the most productive business developer possible.

With inspiring stories, entertaining interactivity, and a step-by-step blueprint, Kimberly delivers big-picture presentations to small groups as well as auditoriums of hundreds.

When your firm or professional group needs an informed motivator, strategic visionary and motivator, book Kimberly Rice.

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Kimberly Rice Training Videos
Five Pillars of Successful Business Development
Develop Business when In-House Marketing Resources are Limited
Wednesday Wisdom for Women Lawyers: The Power of Professional Presentation
Kimberly Rice training videos