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    How to Use a 30-Second Commercial in Productive Relationship Building

    What is a “30-second commercial”? 

    At its core, a 30-second commercial serves several purposes. Of course, it is a communication tool; the micro introduction will help you articulate your message. It is also a sales tool; it will help pique interest of your listeners to spur a meaningful conversation. However, and most importantly, it is a teaching tool. 

    As a high-level and basic introduction, an effective commercial is designed to give your audience (of one or many) just enough information that they will have a sense of you who are and want to know more

    Develop the Marketing Mindset to Make Rain


    1. Lawyers receive no formal training nor education in law school to prepare them to be a business owner upon entering private practice.
    2. Most law firms do a poor job mentoring and shadowing new lawyers to become effective business generators.
    3. There is more competition and pressure than ever before to learn quickly how to build a quality book of business and contribute to firm in a meaningful way.
    4. BONUS - - there are two types of lawyers: those who have business and those who work for those who have business. Which are you?

    What Can Women Accomplish If We Could Fail Upwards?

    After viewing an interview with Michelle Obama and actor Tracee Ellis Ross at this weekend's United State of Women Summit in LA, I was struck by the phrase "failing up". This phrase was used in the context of how men do not allow failure to impede their self confidence, their ability to keep moving forward to attaining their goals or, in short, slow them down, much at all.

    Position Yourself for Marketing Greatness

    Were you born to be a marketing rock star? When you were in law school, were you thinking “I can’t wait to market myself as a lawyer?”

    Quote of the Week-Jim Lovell


    Quote of the Week-Fabienne Fredrickson


    What Lawyers and Legal Professionals Can Reasonably Expect from Search Engines and Social Media Marketing

    Building a prosperous legal practice has never been easier than it is today. Unlike in decades past, the number of marketing tools in the proverbial toolkit has never been greater. So, why do lawyers struggle to use the marketing tools available?

    Quote of the Week-Jack Canfield


    Quote of the Week-Brendon Burchard


    Be the Person Who Shows UP

    Are we tired yet of hearing how busy everyone is? Are we tired yet of people running into us because they are staring zombie-like into their smartphone screens? Ok, this is the end of my rant though pertinent to my thoughts today.

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